Western Fine Dining Cuisine at D Empire, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

It has been a while since I’ve last got my hands on some awesomely delicious Western cuisine, and like the rest of us plebeians, it’s usually because of the holes burnt in our wallets/purse! Worry not though, as I share with you about our experience at D Empire, a clean-looking high ceiling restaurant located on the 6th floor, right next to MooCow. If there’s one thing I have to say about it… it would be that I never knew having fine dining, premium quality food could go hand-in-hand with prices you’d never expect to pay!

Yes, it’s super value for what we had! Check the below as an example:


This amazing dish is basically


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#MakeMagicEveryDay Series  – The Future of Technology & Businesses

Business in general came in a long way since the ancient times. From barter trading to the introduction of technology, technology has provided an opportunity for different types of businesses to grow such as e-commerce and e-portal. As our society is adapting the old ways of business with the new ones, the future of technology and business is indeed a promising one. As the introduction of the latest operating system by Microsoft, which is the Windows 10, what you probably know does that the native apps work so well and very fast that if you are not using it then you are not fully taking advantage of today’s technology.


Here are 5 apps that you should be using right now.



The mail and calendar are the two most useful apps that has gotten so light weighted and so touch screen friendly that it is perfect for a dual system laptop/pads/tablets. From my previous post we could see that they could merge various functionalities to one or two similar steps. This allows us to cut the time to do our work by at least two thirds which means more time for everything else. There are plenty of tutorials for this so I will leave it as that and focus on the others.



The OneNote, for the first time ever is proving to be super useful especially at this time where cloud file sharing services like copy are stated to be terminated. You know that Microsoft is here to stay hence the OneDrive, where OneNote exists will never be gone. The integration between one note, The EDGE browser, mail and the Calendar app has been designed so beautifully that it’s such an ease to use and I speak from experience. Watch the video below to see how task that requires four to five steps easily is turned into one smooth process.



I know that you may not like the EDGE seeing it a replacement of the previous unpopular internet Explorer. But Time and time again, I have been proven wrong. The Chrome takes out so much CPU that it lags my laptop every so often hence switching to EDGE was the best decision I’ve made. Sure, it still has some compatibility issues but it takes a matter of time to that to be fixed. My most current favourite feature is the ability to draw on top of websites I surfed and shared it immediately to my friends and colleagues. See how it is done below:


  1. SKYPE

If you didn’t already know that Skype has acquired by Microsoft and this means a complete interpretation between Skype services and Windows 10. All of you uses Skype don’t you? Now wait till you use skype in windows 10. It is business and pleasure at its peak combining technology and lifestyle. You can download Skype from the app store directly at Windows 10 as the “install Skype” app is ready for you to click anytime you are ready.


Unlike the previous four, the NextGen Reader is a native app produced for Windows which can be used on both the laptop and mobile devices. It is one such example of a lot of various apps that are being ported into Windows and looks very sleek, light weighted, responsive and touch friendly. I love reading and I keep updated to the world’s trending news, digital updates, and blogs such as http://kendylife.com through this reader which is one of the best apps of its kind. It is worth every single dollar spent. Check out below to see how it works:




Microsoft has really outdone itself. It’s paring with Intel’s latest 6th Generation processors, skylake, only makes it unbeatable. Yes, even compared to the iMac. As the user of Windows since the beginning of days and trusting Intel to power up my systems, I have never been disappointment by the technological advances they have been bringing it into our lives. In fact, I would not have generated my successors if not for this two brands I have admired since young.

The best time is now should you one to get the latest technology at your fingertips because the great folks at Microsoft and intel are offering you a deal you cannot refuse, so head to www.makemagic.my right now and get yours before the sales expires. Good luck!




There are other apps which is useful which is the touch me gesture studio. I wish that we could also see the character map notepad and paint becoming the modern app well I guess is something I am looking forward to.