#wherestheparty happened last week, and DAMN was it FUN! Thank You @CarlsbergMY! Pt 2


















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The New Trend of Eating Out Healthily at KLGCC

Hole 15, East_DSC9072
The exquisite Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC) is nestled on the luxurious hilltop of Bukit Kiara and only a short distance for the capital city. Members gain access to two beautiful 18-hole courses, each with its unique features. Members also enjoy a host of amenities ranging from a fully-automated driving range to that largest Pro Shop in Southeast Asia to VIP royal suites. In short, KLGCC is not just a golf course and country club, it’s an experience.

But while the luscious greens and the intriguing animal sanctuaries are a huge draw for many, there are also impressive things going on in the elegant kitchen and dining room under the talented hands of the KLGCC culinary team.

Inspired by the Ministry of Health’s message about leading healthier lifestyles, Executive Chef Arnold Kwok and his team designed a new, fresh menu full of entrees, salads, smoothies and juices that are meant to showcase tastes from around the world. I recently had the opportunity to sample a few of their delectable dishes. I did so with an open mind, as country club food is usually rife unhealthy finger foods.

First up, the ever-delicious banana nut muffin. There’s not much else to say than, “I loved it!” Moist, but not mushy with a delicate real banana taste, I could have eaten a dozen by myself, but alas, I had to share.
Later on, I dove into some Almond Zucchini Bread. It really is THE perfect breakfast bread. Not too sweet and such a healthier option than greasy breakfast meats.

Almond Zucchini Bread (Left) – RM 12.00 Banana Nut Muffin (Right) – RM 11.50
Calorie Counter: 109 Calories Calorie Counter: 155 Calories

Next, I got to try the Chicken Broccoli Frittata. The flavors were well done, both the chicken and broccoli cooked to perfection, but I’m just not a frittata fan it seems.

Chicken Brocoli Fritatta
Chickene Broccoli Fritata – RM 24.00
Calorie Counter: 411 Calories

I moved onto the Tuna Guacamole Salad. Just the name sparked my interest and I was not let down. It was amazing. They sprinkle it lightly with hints of balsamic and it really complements the guacamole.

Tuna Guacamole Salad – RM 29.00
Calorie Counter: 661 Calories

Then I got to taste something that I might just have dreams about for the rest of my life. The Salmon with Warm Tomato Relish was, hands down, my favorite dish. I can’t say enough about it. It felt light, yet dense with flavor. Love the addition of the olives and cappers.

Salmon with Warm Tomato Relish – RM 36.00
Calorie Counter: 275 Calories

Next up was the Seared Beef Strip Loin. I smelled it before I saw it and it was an excellent dish. It was served well done, and I would have preferred it medium well, but that’s something that can be easily remedied. It was also served with sweet potato mash and that was a nice surprise as well.

Seared Beef Strip Loin – RM 38.00
Calorie Counter: 488 Calories

Then they lead me toward the Thai Green Curry Chicken. This dish was one of my favorites by far. It’s definitely for those that like spicy food, which I do. They pair it with cauliflower rice which is such a healthier option than regular rice.

Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry Chicken – RM 24.00
Calorie Counter: 562 Calories

Then it was time for drinks! I got to try a large variety and was pleasantly surprised by many.
- Spicy Apple: very, very good.
- Mango Berry: No added sugar and lots of berry taste. Loved it!
- Turmeric Veggie: This one might be an acquired taste. It’s definitely a super healthy drink and turmeric is known as a pain reliever. I found the turmeric a bit too strong for my taste.
- Citrus Kiwi: A bright, gorgeous green drink. I definitely was not expecting that. I loved it and would have gladly had several more glasses.


From Left to Right: Turmeric Veggie – RM 9.60, Mango Berries – RM 12.00, Apple Spinach – RM 9.60 and Citrus Kiwi – RM 12.00

And as all good meals must simply end on a sweet note, I got to indulge in some delicious desserts. But as this is a healthier menu, the dessert options follow suit and stay in the healthy category as well.

First up was the Coconut Ice Cream: I had two helping of this. It was that delicious! It was smooth and the flavor was so light and pleasant, but I wasn’t left with a heavy feeling that I sometimes get with traditional ice cream.
Lastly, I got to sample the Sweet Potato Pie. This pie had some of the best crust I’ve ever had. The filling was smooth and good, but it’s not really a dessert I’d go back for.

Coconut Ice Cream – RM 7.00/serving
Slice Seasonal Fruits – RM 11.00
Sweet Potato Pie – RM 12.00
Warm Mix Berries – RM15.00

This tasting session experience at the KLGCC was phenomenal. Bravo to the culinary team and to Executive Chef Arnold Kwok for creating a large menu full of healthier, delicious options.

Chef Arnold Kwok (right) with his colleague

Ask me for more information or you can always call me up if you want a healthy eating partner to go lunch or dinner with!

Jingy Veronique
Guest Blogger at spinzer.us

Heineken Thirst 2013 and more Heineken for the festive season!

Heineken Thirst 2013 is certainly one party where party goers would look forward too! This year, it took place on a chilly Saturday evening, 14 December 2013 at Sepang International Circuit with its most extensive and eclectic list of stars to date who played across two impressive stages.

The Green Stage main headliner is none other David Guetta, The Parisian DJ where most of his songs were chart toppers on radio! Australia’s duo Nervo blended really well with their glam act behind the deck along with Heineken Thirst’s stylish theme. Another big name Afrojack, the Dutch house superstar who brought the house down with his great playlist and visuals. Lastly, our local regulars Goldfish and Blink and B.A.T.E.

The Star Arena featured Dutch trance duo W&W spinning their uplifting trance sets. R3hab from Holland, UK’s EDM legend Example (he has a great track with Calvin Harris!), my personal favourite – up and rising 19 year old Madeon from France and local DJs Xu and Bunga from Twilight Actiongirl.

The festival was a bang. Why?
Party goers were mesmerized by the fireworks. Not to mention, I was very drawn to the exciting designs worn by the Heineken girls! The designs on the stage were decorated stylishly and also limited edition bottles of Heineken, the Heineken CLUB bottles were being served at the VIP lounge and Heinesuites. These babies only reveal their designs under UV light (I was given a tiny UV torchlight at the door whereby I was totally clueless at the point of receiving it) Care to see the bottle? Scroll for more!

The Green Stage

Me and the pretty Ee Loe

My new friends with Ee Loe! I can only remember Chong ;p

The glam duo, Nervo

The fireworks right after Nervo’s act

My Personal Favourite at the Green Stage — Afrojack

Our last DJ and also crowd favourite, David Guetta

Just when I thought my 2013 is going to wrap up really well with 2 great acts – Avicii & Heineken Thirst 2013… Heineken has another surprise for me & Spinzer too!
The world’s no. 1 international premium beer Heineken has more to offer during this jolly festive season by introducing 3 new products the Heineken CLUB Bottle, Heineken DraughtKeg and Heineken Extra Cold.

Heineken Festive 2013

01 Heineken CLUB Bottle
The Heineken CLUB Bottle designed by Matt W. Moore features the designer’s inimitable vector-funk style and is influenced by the mesmerizing origami theme. The aluminium bottle is a beauty on its own under natural lighting with the remarkable green star and comes to life once you enter a club scene with deep, dark indigo UV lighting. The true beauty undeniable by anyone who sets eye on it, was revealed at Milan Design Week. Not to forget they are only available for a limited time at selected premium clubs nationwide, get it FAST!

02 Heineken DraughtKeg
Not to be missed this festive season would be the Heineken DraughtKeg for your group parties from BBQ to pool party! You have 5 litres of fresh quality draught beer ready to be served directly at your desired party venue for family and guests. The DraughtKeg ensures freshness within 30 days once opened! Cheers to more parties from December to January as the DraughtKeg is available at selected supermarkets such as Cold Storage, Mercato, B.I.G., Village Grocer and TMC and don’t forget to checkout from the cashier for your two exclusive Heineken Christmas glasses.

By the way, check out The Heineken Tap Challenge, starting from 20 December 2013 till 26 January 2014 where draught beer lovers could now train themselves in the art of serving a perfect pint! Look out for the below schedule to have your first training!

20 – 22 December 2013: Cold Storage Mont Kiara & Cold Storage KLCC
28 – 29 December 2013: BIG Publika & Mercato, Plaza Damas
3 – 5 January 2014: Village Grocer Bangsar & Cold Storage Sunway Pyramid
10 – 12 January 2014: Cold Storage Subang Parade & Cold Storage Bandar Utama
17 – 19 January 2014: Mercato Pavillion & Cold Storage Mont Kiara
24 – 26 January 2014: Cold Storage Mutiara Damansara & TMC Bangsar

03 Heineken Extra Cold
Icy cold Heineken chilled between 0°C – 3°C is going to give an unforgettable moment from the first sip to the last, the extra cold beer promises a smoother and intensify drinking expereince!

For Heineken Legendary Celebration guide for fresh and innovative party ideas at Heineken’s website www.heineken.com/my or Facebook page www.facebook.com/Heineken today.

Your Guest Blogger,

Jingy Veronique

Spinzer featured on Top 10 Most Influential Social Media Personalities in Malaysia

Fullscreen capture 26122013 60133 PM

When I got tagged on Astro Awani‘s tweet below, it came as a surprise!

First of all, I’m not really that famous if compared to some of the bigger names in the list, but I have to add this: I am followed by some of the most powerful personalities on various social media platforms across multiple industries, and that’s probably why my KLOUT score is considered pretty high even with a decent number of following! (in contrast, if you take a look at @klubbkiddkl‘s twitter followers – it goes to hundreds and thousands!)

However I will gladly accept this “title” as an honour to the social work I do to create a #betterMalaysia, being the voice of young Malaysians who want to do more than just follow the path carved out for them. I want to play the activist to support anyone and everyone who is contributing towards a #betterMalaysia, no matter which political party they come from, whatever race they are from (in fact, we’re all Malaysians are we not?) or no matter how small they are, or they THINK they are. It’s about creating a world without inequity, where anyone deserves to be successful IF they work hard and want it hard enough :)

There are too many to thank for all the great things that has happened over 2013, and I’ll probably list them down on a future blogpost. This being one of them of course, and receiving one of the best compliments I’ve ever had before. See below!

Yes, I’m glowing after reading that hehe. ^____________^

Check out the full article here!


PS on another great news, our Social Media Outreach project with Durex under @Socialgrooves was covered by multiple mainstream newspapers last week and it was AMAZING to see our work together with Durex Malaysia and AIESEC Malaysia make it this big, all in the name of getting closer towards a world free of HIV. Check out the newspaper clipping below and if you were part of the campaign, we at Socialgrooves would like to thank ALL YOU SOCIALITES for being a PART OF THIS SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN!! *bows*

Durex #SOMEBODYLIKEME Harian Metro PgH13  (20131210) Durex #SOMEBODYLIKEME NST Life&Times Pg4  (20131210) (1) Durex #SOMEBODYLIKEME The Star Pg 1,2,3 (20131203)

There’s no other way to watch movies than in HD thanks to @AstroOnline!

So I’ve heard that we Astro customers will be rewarded with an all HD goodness this end of year (or to be exact,  1st Nov 2013  till 15 Feb, 2014!) thanks to the image above being shared around on Facebook - YIPEE! Ever since I’ve laid my eyes on movies and drama played on HD on my 41 inch screen, I can’t seem to go back to normal – no, not even for football, HD is the way to go and I can’t live without it.

So when  I heard that my favourite channel FX in HD will be made available to us at no additional cost as an Astro customer as part of an exclusive preview (which by the way includes Astro Family HD Pack channels, Astro Vinmeen HD, Fox Family Movies as well as One HD in both HD and SD) I was simply elated!


Astro1Check out the list of channels available in HD during ASTRO’s End of Year Entitlement period!


Imagine, FX’s dramas like Scrubs shown in HD among the many other English dramas/movies at the comfort of your own house, or you can even watch your favourite programs anytime in Astro On-The-Go at no additional cost, until 15th February 2014.

FX HD features the best of edgy programming, character-driven stories that resonate with discerning viewers, and humour and entertainment that take audiences to a new level. Viewers can look forward to Mad MenSons Of Anarchy and Crash. I meanwhile, will be catching My Week with Marilyn tonight at 11pm on Channel 726. Why? Because Michelle Williams who acted as THE Marilyn Monroe was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture. She also earned Best Actress nominations from the Academy Awards and British Academy Film Awards. Isn’t it enough to convince you to check the drama out with me?

My Week with Marilyn poster

Anyhow, I’m kinda caught by surprise that HD channels are so accessible now, truly we have advanced so much on how we enjoy our watching experience. If you haven’t gotten a HD TV I suggest that you do – it isn’t always that we can enjoy HD channels upgrade at no cost at all. For this reason I’m glad I’m an Astro subscriber, can’t wait for more benefits to come my way, tralala.


The #WarriorSpirit roars at #ONEFC World Championship this Friday in Kuala Lumpur!


I don’t know about you but everyone’s been talking about the ONE Fighting Championship‘s #WarriorSpirit fight happening this Friday, but I guess it’s no surprise since @TuneTalk has been doing the promotions eh? But if you haven’t, check out the TVC below to know what I’m talking about!

Yeap, it’s THAT sort of fight that’s going to happen right in front of your face, LIVE, and it’s one of our only chance to experience the exhilaration in being the center of it all!

Well, you’ve got that excitement and of course because the world is talking about it, it’s like hyped up to the max!

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 9.50.56 AM

As you can see, #ONEFC and #WarriorSpirit were trending as the top (unpaid) hashtags in KL yesterday and I believe it’ll be the same throughout this week, cause we Malaysians have to support our Malaysian fighters!

There’s never been a movement so large to gather everyone together rooting for our fighters in the cage… thinking about it is already making me dizzy, heh.

If you want to know why, it’s because of the following:-

  • #ONEFC is Asia’s largest #MMA organisation!
  • This is #ONEFC’s 3rd time returning to Kuala Lumpur
  • #ONEFC has 90% market share of #MMA in Asia
  • All the best fighters in Asia have been signed to #ONEFC

It DOES sort of help when you have someone as sexy as Felixia Yeap, Malaysia’s only ex-Playboy bunny becoming the official ring girl for the MMA Championship ;)



As you may know, #ONEFC’s #WarriorSpirit is presented by #TuneTalk, so obviously our very own Jason Lo would have a thing or two to say about it. Check it out below:-

Alright so this leaves us to this… Do you want to experience a chance of a lifetime to witness the world’s biggest fight right here in Malaysia? If your answer is yes, quickly buy your tickets at  www.airasiaredtix.com right now and be at the Stadium this Friday to watch 8 of Malaysia’s BEST #MMA fighters in action!



#ONEFC #WarriorSpirit on 15 Nov starts at 7pm sharp at Stadium Putra, and the first ever Malaysian #MMA champion will be crowned on that day. Be part of history, see you there!

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