Launch of the Flagbearer Education Foundation at the Eu Yan Sang 135th Anniversary with Richard Clayderman

So there we were, unaware of the multiple legendary actions that was about to take place. I mean, this was on top of the excitement knowing we were about to be graced by the legendary pianist Richard Clayderman last evening, in conjunction with Eu Yan Sang’s 135th Anniversary Celebration Charity Gala Dinner Show! (Phew, that was a mouthful).

Little did we know as we progressed throughout the night at the Genting International Convention Centre, the event’s venue sponsor, that something really amazing and tear-inducing would happen…

Read on to find out.


Yes, THAT legendary Richard Clayderman

Thanks to our friends at #H2OFamily (yes, the family I have been privileged to be a part of since this fateful encounter) and Kak Ida, we were invited to this prestigious event where a million ringgit plus has been raised for charity, thanks to all the corporate partners tied to the prosperous Eu Yan Sang business. I mean, being around for 135 years speaks volumes, doesn’t it? You could almost feel the prosperous and healthy vibe being in the hall itself!


Although we were seated far away, the yummy mocktails and delicious food made up for it. Thankfully, I also have my Nikon camera with me with 20x zoom, hence the awesome pictures you’re looking at. Anyway the function started with the two most powerful women I’ve ever seen sharing about how the event came about, and of course the efforts that went into the fundraising a whopping million ringgit charity. Truthfully as a fundraiser myself, I know how much effort it takes and respect goes to her and her team!


I couldn’t help but be inspired by the speech they candidly gave, both Dato’ Ann Eu and Puan Sri Cecilia, as it was quite obvious that this was their baby that probably took months of sweat and tears to organize. What was even more touching is when they announced that they had raised RM1.26 million to the Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation and the Registered Trustees of the Joseph William Yee Eu Foundation. Now that’s one mind bloggling figure to take in, congrats!


We were then graced by Mr Richard Eu, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Eu Yan Sang, who gave an amazing speech on the direction the company will be taking – and from the sound of it, it was a really visionary one. Something to learn from for my own little digital communications agency, hehe. Oh on that note, I’m glad to share with you that we’ve just secured something awesome for this baby of Jingy and mine, can’t wait to announce to you folks :D

And then this happened.

Dato Anne went on back to the stage to share about how her and the people around her felt the pain during the tragedy that is #MH370 and #MH17. Upon finding out that only the passengers would be compensated for their loss and not the crew members, she alongside Eu Yan Sang and Genting Berhad decided to do what others should have done: to fundraise for a new foundation that would support the education for the children of those aboard the MAS planes. It was there and then when she announced the creation of the Flagbearer Education Foundation, and pledged RM500,00.00 on behalf of the Eu Yan Sang group! She then shared about how Datuk Seri Hishammuddin stood strong representing Malaysia and the families of those who were involved throughout the nightmare, against bashers, uncouth media and provocations from other countries, keeping calm yet concerned when others just knew how to complain, and most importantly showing his ability to communicate extremely well (impeccable english she said, and I agree!) with international parties who would help with the search. And for that, she announced that it was only fitting that Datuk Seri will be the first Founding Patron of the Flagbearer Education Foundation, without taking NO for an answer! So what did Datuk Seri do?



Yes, the man himself has pledged to support the families of those involved in the #MH17 and #MH370, and what better way than to spearhead this initiative to support the education fees for their children! It’s really awesome to see the private sector contributing in such manner for the nation’s woes… Now that’s the right thing to be done.


Without further ado, we saw a mock cheque of RM1,260,000.00 being sent off to support the NGOs who deserve them, for the amazing work they do for the community. Speaking of which, have you heard of Supposingly the latest platform for NGOs to get the support they deserve. Check them out!


After that it was Eu Yan Sang’s mock cheque of RM500,000.00, dedicated to the new Flagbearer Education Foundation. Still can’t believe this miracle just happened. Oh and if you think this is cool, wait till you here this: Genting Berhad then came along and matched Eu Yan Sang ringgit for ringgit, taking the Foundation to RM1,000,000.00 worth of donation for a really good cause! Good on you Genting, and now, let’s see how the other corporate Malaysia will contribute :)


What’s a celebration without a token of appreciation right? Can you guess what Datuk Seri got from these folks? *grin*


That’s right, a pot full of Eu Yan Sang goodies. I know Datin Seri Marsilla will have a great time being pampered for longer life and healthier skin ;)DSCN7500

Finally, the procession ended with a cutting cake ceremony in celebration for Eu Yan Sang’s 135th anniversary. Once again a huge congratulations for the successful organisation of this event, alongside the epic fundraising efforts!


#H20Family members represent alongside our Empowering Youth Endeavors (EYE) Project team! Can you see the masyarakat majmuk here? *grin*


Of course how could we not resist a #wefie with Kak Ida, our mama! Word got out that she just received an important good news too hehe. Congrats Kak!


La Familia >D


And just to prove that I really did dine with THE Richard Clayderman… Here’s a pic :D


That talent… that legendary skills… the haunting fact that my first song learned on the piano was created none other than him… WOW! Truly an unforgetful night indeed. PS – His rendition of Symphony Titanic is so beautiful T_T


Can you see the passion in his face? ‘Nuff Said!

photo 2 It’s our pleasure, sir! By the way, I’m volunteering to contribute my time and effort to the Flagbearer Education Fund, in support of the kids who need our help. How about you?


Yes, KLK and Sunway Group have both pledged RM700,000.00 worth in total, which means the FEF will have a grand total of RM1.7 million to support the education of the kids! Yeay!

[PSA] Credit Card Scam Call by RHB Bank Malaysia

It’s a lovely Sunday after the pour from Dawn…. 

Woke up at 11am…

Got a call at 1.30pm from my Celcom voicemail box with a really interesting message. 


Listen to it here: 


The number called was from 03 – 9206 8228 which after Googling, it is indeed the number from RHB Bank Customer Service. 


Here’s the catch: 

1) I do not own any RHB Credit Cards.

2) I did not swipe anything with the mentioned amount of RM3972.00  

3) IF you are really calling for confirmation, the system would not go into any voicemail. They will just call me again for verification purposes. I know this because I’m familiar with my cards’ limit and my spending pattern/amount that my bank will call me for. Back to voicemail, it’s a complete no brainer because I can’t press any number right even if I did used it! 

4) My experiences with credit card for my banks has been exceptionally “personalised” when it comes to calls as such. They usually call me with real human for confirmation instead of pressing any keypads to proceed.

5) For the smaller amounts, I usually get SMS-es IMMEDIATELY less than 5 minutes after my purchases.

6) In my opinion, the voice sounded really fishy, the spoken English has a tinge of Pinoy slang instead of the usual automated voice by banks transactions…

7) In my opinion, automated tellers/voice from legit corporates (Celcom, Maxis, Bank, etc) will announce your legal rights of getting the phone conversation recorded for professional purposes.

8) I’m not the only one who got the call today, a fellow blogger friend, Ellie Toh has received it too within the same time frame.



Scam as such are getting more rampant. Do be careful when you pick up any calls which requested you to proceed by pressing keypads or speaking to operators. If you do own a card from whichever banks or financial instituitions that calls for verification on transactions that you DID NOT PERFORM, either say no or call the bank number to clarify the issues. 

Know your rights and know your own credit card usage well. Be safe Folks :)

Starting A New Job? Bringing your Career to the Next Level?

I just had this thought that ran through my mind not just today but many times and over of my working life (not long, but a good OL’ 4 years), I have encountered with numerous HORRIBLE BOSSES or even Management.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Hence, there’s a team of people WORKING together right? Let me share my experience and what I hate about some people that I have worked with or even some colleagues shared their horrible experiences too. Not to mention some important details you may need to look into before getting your next job.


work 1

You certainly do not want this to happen to you?


1) OVER Calculative

I have joined this really small start up that was a 2 men team. Yes! That made up me and the BOSS. It’s a swimming company that I do not even bother to mention. I went in as a pretty fresh person, eager to learn and you know being a biz development exec and a freshie, I did not took into account of “benefits”. My boss does not give any claims AT ALL and the way is you need to close the deals and earn commission. I think this is ridiculous, I had to drive all the way to Malacca and back for the event setup and yes, it’s all from my own pocket for the trip other than accommodation.


 Image Credit:


2) OFFICE Space

Same company as mentioned above, there were no proper office and whatsoever. it wasn’t proper or professional at all. In the end, I was labeled as “did not work or manage my time properly”
This has recently happened to someone I know of as well, her company has no office space and she was sort of dismissed due to “irresponsible at work”. I thought her work task was quite easy as she was really happy sharing with me and some friends of her work tasks and scope but the downside was her boss was too busy and there were barely any time for meeting so all she does is perhaps meeting the boss once a month or so, barely 2 months after meeting her, I was then informed that she has been “let go”

I know both sides of the stories, but let’s not share about other’s dirty lingerie in depth.


3) Letter of Employment

I have experienced with no letter of employment previously from 2 start ups. WHAT THE HELL? Let me tell you why is it important:

1) Your job scope

2) Any benefits (If yes, it shall be listed)

3) Terms that have been agreed on

You will need this as if all things go wrong, you have this letter of employment to back you up. If a company tells you they do not have any letter of employment; PLEASE DON’T EVEN CONSIDER IT

Letter of Employment should be shared to you as an acknowledgement and agreement from both parties, and should be signed upon entering the new company.  

4) Basic EPF and SOCSO

You may be in the stage thinking all these are not so important or even prefer that you are pocketing all your monthly wage without bidding farewell to a standard 11% of your wage. Heck no! EPF is the fund that your employer should be chipping in another 13% to your monthly wage (for employees’ with wage of less than RM5,000, anything above that, company only gives 12% on too of your own 11%) EPF account can be your “FORCED TO WORK and FORCED TO SAVE” account, this account allows you to withdraw partial of your funds for housing down payment, education for you or your future kids to even buying a computer. It also simplify procedures for you to apply credit cards or any loan related matters. So unless you LOVE the idea of pocketing more of your wage. Else a company that hires you and tell you we do not give EPF or SOCSO… You shall recite the title of this article.

5) Lack of direction

You do not want to work or learn from a boss who isn’t clear of his/her direction as a freshie. I had a short working period with this startup that the manager isn’t clear of her direction not to mention she’s pretty forgetful too. There were a lot of wasted time and sluggish at work…Well, what I learnt from this was try not to be such a person and to properly organised my work, direction and be more PATIENT.

6) Credits and Faults

I’m quite happy with whatever shit job I do long as I’m happy at work. You know where you have good colleagues and FOOD nearby.

I’m really okay with not having credits credited back to me once upon a time. My dear blur boss as mentioned in no.5 usually takes ALL the credit at meetings. I understand that is part of work life and I accepted it. What I really hated was she ONLY takes credit, all the faults come back to us smaller minions, at times I did not even know such task existed but I was relate to it.
I guess female bosses are pretty good at making sure they find a few scapegoats :p (no offense, It’s my own experience after all)

7) He/She sells seasHELL by HELL

No gender discrimination here at all cause many Male bosses are potentially, equally could sent by Lucifer to the world.

Extremely BAD tempered ones who flies a bottle in the middle of a meeting, The type that shows favoritism and belittled other colleagues… Etc

Perhaps you could help me by sharing your experiences by commenting to this post.

8) Work-Life Balance

Unfortunately, there is no work life balance. I believe bosses should manage this expectation and deliver the message clear to all colleagues. Most importantly, be considerate by setting boundaries…  We all know that colleague who has to rush off to pick up a kid or need that break after a long stressful day :) 



Yeah.. Apart from work, some people has house WORK to do too!


Hence, many of a time…. I guess people need to learn about giving and taking. We are creating unhealthy work eco-sphere. What are your thoughts in this?


*Above all solely my two cents. Feel Free to comment :)

[Review] Snacking healthier with Daily Fresh

It’s Sunday again and I usually spend my time eating away if I’m not working or at the gym!
I am generally a person who picks vegetables, fruits and cakes as snacks whenever I could, which means I chow vegetables like I own it all whenever I could. Yet during office time, I TRY to snack healthier like yogurt bar, yogurt, fruits and well! CORN!
As you all know I have psoriasis problem which makes my food group really limited, so I have always been frequenting Daily Fresh next to my office for some corn in the cup at times. Not until I was so lucky to be invited to Daily Fresh Food Review.

How could you not know about Daily Fresh? They are established since 1997 and famous for their corn in cup and later on the extensions to more snacks! Let me share the 5 items I’ve discovered!

1. Gelato Tempo

Gelato Tempo
(So Sorry, the outlet in R&R Sg. Buloh is slightly warm. Hence, the gelato melted pretty fast upon served)

I’m a Gelato lover! My record in Italy was 4 Gelatos a day for an amazing 10 days in my trip over Italy. (Thank GOD my stomach was great and never had any misfortune happened throughout the trip!) So having more Gelato is of course a blessing to me especially during the hot weather. Daily Fresh brought the recipe from Italy to allow all their consumers to taste real Italian Gelato without the need to travel to Italy! What’s best is there’s a promotion during Ramadhan month! Gelato Tempo is selling at RM 4.90 with FREE TOPPINGS between 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014!
Hurry and don’t miss it!

Retail Price
Daily Fresh Gelato Tempo without Toppings – RM 5.90
Gelato Tempo with Toppings – RM 6.90

Flavours Available:
Black Sesame,Green Tea, Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry, Honeydew, Yogurt original, Yogurt Strawberry, Yogurt Mango.

2. IceKimo

Baby too wants some IceKimo!

IceKimo is a choice if you prefer non-dairy flavored cold snacks. They are made out of fresh fruits and ultra smooth, finely shaved ice that refreshes your tongue and sense. I find it pretty sweet with the toppings, so try to mix it up with the ice underneath too and they’ll taste just right!

Retail Price
Daily Fresh IceKimo – RM 4.20

Flavours Available:
Fruits Series: Mango, , Pineapple, Soursop, Strawberry and Honeydew.
Other Series: Chocolate, Mocha, Vanilla

3. Cupcorn

Cupcorn in variety flavours. (Clockwise Sequencing): Flaky Chilli, Garlic Cheese, Mayonnaise and Original

A Daily Fresh scooping out fresh corns for us! The one in Sg Buloh R&R are friendly with a smile on them all times too (Kid you not)

Cupcorn is no doubt Daily Fresh’s iconic product. Daily Fresh’s corn are grown by it’s sister company Mah Yong in Johor before being processed into the fresh corns for consumers by using Whole Kernel “Non-Cut” technique to ensure freshness, hygiene. Daily Fresh’s corn promises users corns free of colouring and preservatives, synthetic chemicals; most importantly the golden coloured and sweet juiciness of each corn kernel are retained.
I have always been loving the original flavour. However, I tried all the flavours and even invented my new love:
Flaky Chilli + Garlic Cheese = Less spicy as the cheesy flavour neutralizes the spicy flavour and it became much more bearable!

NOTE: The Flaky Chilli is indeed QUITE SPICY. Try it and tell me what you think.

Retail Price
Daily Fresh Original Cupcorn – RM3.50
Daily Fresh Flavoured Cupcorn – RM4.00

Flavours Available:
Flaky Chilli, Garlic Cheese, Mayonnaise, Condensed Milk and Original is priced at RM3.50



Wondering what’s the difference of it with other waffles? Wafito is a Premium Waffle who got its name from WAffle, FIlling, TOpping. It’s a result of flavoured waffle with fillings. You heard it right! The bite of the waffle itself is already tasty and best of all, it comes with a variety of yummy flavours too! The unique flavours are a must tried especially the Chicken Floss and Coco Deluxe (Highly recommended by Jingy)

Retail Price
Daily Fresh WAFITO Classic – RM3.50
Daily Fresh WAFITO Premium – RM4.50

Flavours Available:
WAFITO Classic: Margarine, Blueberry, Strawberry, Kaya, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. (You get to mix any of the 2 flavours)
WAFITO Premium: Chicken Floss, Coco Deluxe, Pandan Kaya, Japanese BBQ and Nyonya Kaya.

5. Secret Pop (PopCorn)


These are premium “MUSHROOM POPCORNS” that you won’t find it in cinemas outlets, at least not with the affordable price.
Secret Pops kernels are imported from Indiana, US (yup! not locally) which guarantees bigger and crunchier corn snack. Comes in 5 yummy flavours and we guarantee you’ll love the texture as much as the price!

Retail Price
Daily Fresh “Secret Pop” Popcorn – RM6.90 – RM7.90

Flavours Available:
Black Sesame, Spicy Curry, Seaweed, Honeydew, Caramel (All flavours are priced at RM6.90; Caramel Flavoured is priced at RM7.90

Note: Secret Pop is N/A is Sunway Pyramid Outlet


Good News! Daily Fresh Ramadhan Promotion running from 27 June 2014 – 4 August 2014

  • Gelato Tempo with Toppings at RM4.90



  • Purchase 1 big tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn and 1 big tub of ANY flavour Daily Fresh Popcorn and get 1 small tub of Daily Fresh Mix Flavoured Popcorn, 1 Daily Fresh Hari Raya Paper Bag & 1 pack of Daily Fresh Green packets (5 pieces)

Raya Pop Corn Gelato Display Board 1

The Paper Bag is quite cute right? It’ll be yours for free upon purchase.



Lastly, if you are heading to buy gifts for Raya, I’m sure it’ll exceed RM8, so please please print this voucher out to get a FREE Cupcorn for yourself too!

DF e-Voucher - Veronica Kong



For more details or franchise opportunity with Daily Fresh

Oficial Website:Daily Fresh
Facebook:Daily Fresh
Mailing Address:PLO 16, Jalan SR/3, Kawasan Perindustrian, Simpang Renggam 1, 86200 Simpang Renggam, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Contact Number: 07- 7551655
Daily Fresh Nationwide Outlets

Jingy has a lot of body hair… and ugly Lesions — Psoriasis

If you have been wondering what are the ugly lesions on my skin especially around my leg areas but feel very offended to ask me then you should read this!

If you think I’m an unhygienic female who doesn’t take care or bother to shave/remove/wax my feet then you should read this TOO!

If you have any skin related diseases then you should be reading this to know what have I gone through and how t may or may not help you.

How it started?
I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis at the age of 19. It became very bad to the extend skin were peeling off and a light touch using a pin could poked into my skin.

Out of desperation, my parents had been searching for the miracle doctor to heal me. I quit university for 1 1/2 years out of desperation, I was afraid of the sun, the sight of it and skin were flaking off everywhere I go. I cried for the longest time. Dad would paid hundreds to thousands every time I see the doctor and mom would bring me to every place recommended by people.

How I discovered Psoriasis?
I was 19, like any ordinary college student. I had a fever one fine day with some rashes on my neck, dad thought it was fine and sent me back to my dormitory (I was in a semi government university)

It became itchy and unbearable. I complaint but doctors said it was just allergy. I had my prescriptions and continued the day.

It became worse when it got to my arms and my waist and some on my neck, mom sought for grandma’s expertise. Soon a prediction that it was shingles, I was brought to traditional Shingles Sinseh somewhere in Kepong. Before we know what’s those weird rashes, the Sinseh rejected me with the reason it’s not shingles.

Dr. Stephen Chow of Pantai Medical confirmed to my parents that I have Psoriasis and it’s a type of genetic sickness.

My encounters with Doctors

Dr. Stephen Chow
I had a steroid jab by Dr. Stephen Chow and tar ointment and steroid prescriptions were given to me. The first 7 – 10 days were great. Until then, more pop up and we visited Dr. Stephen again, he suggested heavier medication which we took and the cycle basically repeats and the psoriasis rashes were conquering most parts of my body. — I cried every day. I do not heard of him till I saw his obituary one fine day the last few years.

Dr. Ting of Puchong
He a younger chap who looks darn serious. Gave me an unknown and unnamed jab. Same method as the previous doctor. After 2 visits, I… never see him again.

Dr. Ting of Kuala Lumpur
This is the most horrifying doctor experience I had. Upon the first consultation, he says my condition is Very Bad and MUST treat with the usage of immunosuppressant, methotrexate immediately. He said with 1 jab I can clear my skin well and have the medicines but I will need to check my liver half a year once.
After the previous 2 doctors, I believe I had enough. I rejected him and said I shall have the medication only. I never go back there again…

Dr. Jay
Young nice chap (off 30s I believe back then?) was my family doctor in Sungai Buloh. I showed him the methotrexate medication.

Dr.Jay: This medicine could only help stop your condition temporarily. It will further damage your liver… And you’re only 19 years old.

Me: I’m sad and I’m helpless yet I can’t afford to continue this torture (psoriasis)

Dr.Jay: You have a long way to go young lady. I would say do some read ups on Ayurvedic and research. It might help with reducing them.

Believe it or not, I visited him for sickness till he got transferred out of my home area.

Dr. Ranjit of Subang
Another one that uses the same helpless method. – End of Story -

I stopped all smelly cream and used only topical creams at this period. Mom cried occasionally when she sees me in pain and couldn’t sleep well. My skin were flaking off badly, I left trails of dried skin around. Kakak was cleaning my room and house more times than ever daily and helped with the boiling of Chinese herbs, 金银花 for my bath so to soften the skin and allowed them to peel in the tub. My daily live was miserable, at times, I couldn’t bend my arms up as it was so bad it harden up — I cried, mom cried, everyone loves me was saddened by my condition.

Professor Roy in National University Hospital
He’s a great guy. He only prescribed antibiotics and aquos cream. He strongly against all the strange and powerful drugs such as steroids, anti immune suppressant and even tar creams ( I believe tar creams are the same as those used to build tar roads, why the fuck would we believe it’ll heal us and put on ourselves? Right?)
We seen him about 2-3 times? Barely remember but he’s the best one I ever seen.

Also, I visited KLGH for aquos cream after I found out they prescribed the same things as Professor Roy for a small fee. Generally really professionally doctors but overcrowded and under appreciated due to all this unscrupulous docs who insist on fast results for patients.

We had seen and tried many Traditional Chinese Medicines, Ayurvedic and you name it I most likely have tried it. Hahaha..

Finally, Mom and I did many research, so we decided to take up advises from this and that and so and so and put me on a strict diet and lifestyle change

1) Chicken (I only indulge on kampung chicken once in a while — mom put on a strict QC before purchasing so I predicted my mom knows the chicken’s Date of Birth too)
2) Beef – unknown but the Ayurvedic and Sinsehs I’ve seen believed in taking it off diet
3) Nuts free diet
4) I sleep before 11pm: apparently good for the liver and the liver helps clear toxins and waste from body
5) vege vege and many of them
6) only sea salt or minimal sugar for my foods’ flavoring – no complaints
7) Alcohol Free Diet
8) Fast Food free
9) Seafood is OUT of your diet
10) Fishes are allowed but avoid such as Kembung, salted fish etc. I love SALMON and it became a staple diet =p

Judging by the list you might asked how I lived… But I get through it and my skin was back to the most perfect condition with a combination of Chinese medication I was on.

So if you still think that judging my physical appearance is who I am.. Think again! I take care of myself better than most people. If conditions were allowed, I would not left myself to be judged by publics’ eyes to conform to their ideal of BEAUTY.

I do not have photos from the worst time. My second post will be up very soon to further jotting down my 2nd war against psoriasis. 


Here are some of my photos recently 


This was taken in April, if you can see.. they are pretty reddish even from far! 





Due to my psoriasis lesions, I can’t shave or use Veet (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)



Partial healed lesion (You can see the white patches and skin discolorant)  (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)



Psoriasis usually heals from within, the middle to outer parts  (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)




This is the longest and MOST stubborn psoriasis I ever had. It has never left even I was completely healed back then until today.  (Taken: 2nd Week of June 2014)


I’m currently seeing Dr Nick from ONEOsteo since last November. My flares started again on September 2013. You will definitely want to see my latest photos which will be out next week! 


P/S: I’m not a doctor nor medical practitioner, the above comments are my two cents and experiences I would like to share to everyone. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions cause I definitely did not jot down every single details here, but I would be willing to exchange information with everyone!  




#RoomerHasIt: KLIA2 Tune Hotel’s 5 Different Experiences

TUNE Hotel KLIA 2 has opened its doors to dear guest from around the world. Spinzer has been the few lucky ones to be invited and I get to tag along to experience it!

DSCN6936 A snippet of how the new Tune Hotel look like

Tune Hotel certainly entertain their guest so well, They had many activities including human bingo, face painting and artists to entertain us such as Eugene See, Elizabeth Tan and Melissa Indot. As much as I want to enjoy the songs, I got so carried away to complete my human bingo >> I attempted to complete it ALL not knowing I was required to complete only a line (Emceeee, can you please announce it clearly next time?)

It was pretty fun for the human bingo game, I found out that Jocelyn who invited us could flipped her eyelids inside out, Miao could burp spontaneously and Melissa Indot actually showed me her piercings collections (she has a super bling piercing stud on on her belly ;p)

Elizabeth Tan with her songs. She has a really amazing voice! Listen to her here

Here’s to the crowd entertainer, who even danced with the crowd :) She’s very friendly and if you ever bumped into her, do approach her with a Hi!

Face Painting anyone? I took a design with shiny blue hues. A photo of me and my favourite Meow Meow!

Spinzer with Miao!

My Dance Partner of the night >> The Owl of TripAdvisor!

#Wefie of the night

I really appreciate the party thrown by Tune Hotel. It unites many bloggers through this party, we catch up, eat and even danced together! (Another wefie =p)

After all the food and special cocktails catered for the night, it’s some time to dance it all out to the beat of DJ Faith.

Enough of my party bragging. Let’s focus on the different experience you will find in Tune Hotel, KLIA2

Number 1
The hotel is interconnected to airport and it takes 3.5 minutes of walking to reach the airport.

There’s a skybridge linking to the hotel and airport DIRECTLY now.

Rain or Shine, you be sure you are well protected from the harsh weather.

Number 2
Tune Hotel of KLIA 2 is definitely a break away from the norm of Tune Hotels you know, I know or we all know. This one has a bar for guests to hang out and have a malt drink or two. #RoomerHasIt drinks connect people.

A drink perhaps?

Guests gets to fill their stomachs with yummy bakes

The bar is also a great place for you to meet some new friends :)

Number 3
Tune Hotel KLIA 2 is an all inclusive hotel where you just need to pay the price you see for the full package. (Full package comes with air con, ceiling fan, TV and selected Astro Channels, Towel and toiletries.) — Thanks Tune Hotel Staff for the information.

A double bed from the view upon opening the door.

Desk & Chair with table lamp for guests’ usage. There’s even proper hanging area for guests to hang their used towels or clothes and of course a hair dryer readily available in the bathroom.
Wise word from Jingy: Hang your towels to be reused to help reduce waste on mother earth :)

A safe for guests to lock up valuables. I believe this is available in all Tune Hotels too :)

Number 4
A big chill out lounge area for guests to curl up for a book or to get yourself some warm sunlight of Malaysia

The view from our room on the party night

The view from our room in the morning. The building is pretty roomy and airy as it complies to Green Building rules and regulations too

Number 5
This hotel has 2 flight check-in machines where you could easily access to it and skip the queue at the airport! Brilliant for guests.

Miss Jingy at your service!

It was generally a good experience. I love the fact that it’s interconnected to the airport and we all had our breakfast at the airport before bidding farewell! Bye Tune Hotel of KLIA2, you are certainly a recommended choice for budget travellers and also flight interchange guests.


Jingy Veronique

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