Jamie Liew told me that I would not regret coming to Sungai Long’s famous pasar malam. I thought to myself, hey, I’ve got nothing to lose. You just can’t go wrong with sinful hawker food, equally sinful super sweet drinks and of course, the variety of things for sale at such a discounted price. What could go wrong? So I went, and the first thing we did is to get ourselves this Taiwanese sausage, the spicy one. From then on, I think, I was prepared to blow my wallet right there and then.


Obviously knowing I was thrilled thus showing that she successfully turned me into a Sungai Long Pasar Malam enthusiast, little miss Jamie Liew was all smiles.


I got really intrigued by this “Stirred Coconut Snow Ice”. I ordered it and started drinking it, appreciating the wholesome coconut flavour with fake meat (or what it real?). Such a cooling drink at the sweltering nightly heat was nothing short of taking you to heaven.


After purchasing what looked like a 10 for 2 gifts ceremony, I stumbled upon this China Burger. Again I really wanted to taste these things but Jamie told me otherwise, and that they really suck.

Nevertheless, I still decided to give it a chance before making our way out.


Only at 1.50, no problemo! (But was a little disgusted with the lady cooking it)

So then we went back.


I also went and bought a few raw cornsticks for my own personal consumption. Jamie doesnt’ believe it can be eaten (and neither is her mom, but her grandmother does say!) And so I put her up for some really tasty, crunchy corn makan session!


And boy was she ever so scared with that huge and long thing in her hand XD


As for the China Burger, needless to say we didn’t even bother finishing at all!


I went back not soon after, and while going back I took another look at the cutest smiley in the world that reminds me of Jamie Liew. I think she

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should keep this smiley copyrighted for future official release :P

Next update!

…On Wednesday Grill to Perfection…


The epic battle of the century between Spartan Oysters and Lycan Prawns!

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