Gone were the days when I used to celebrate the public holiday eves partying around or best of all would be watching the dark sky being light up by multi colored flames on our National Day eve celebration. 
This year is a remarkable celebration for me, Absolut Hibiskus, the first-ever floral-flavoured vodka had been introduced by Pernod Ricard to their Malaysia fans in conjunction of Malaysia’s Independence Day & Malaysia Day. 
Being a fan of Absolut and Malaysian, this event means a lot to me. In case you are not aware, Hibiscus is Malaysia’s national flower. 
The well crafted bottle of Absolut Hibiskus 
Apart from the Hibiskus bottle designed exclusively for the floral vodka. Pernord Ricard had a collaboration with artists from 3Editions – a contemporary onine art & design gallery which features master piece of young talented Malaysians namely, Michelle Lim, Tan Howe Qin, Hyacinthe Kaur and Abs Lee.
 4 one-of-a-kind artwork was created and has been displayed in the 4 Absolut Hibiskus party venues,  Poppy KL, Luna Bar KL, Mois Penang and The View KL. I missed out the event and Spinzer had so much fun there in Luna Bar KL! There’s a tattoo booth for Absolut fans to choose from other than the perfect cocktail blends! 
From Left to Right: Chris Tock aka Spinzer, Samantha Chin, Charmaine Pua & Boyfriend.
The Spray Tattoo Artist working the hibiscus tattoo!  (Picture Courtesy of Charmaine Pua)
It’s okay! At least I got the perfect recipes to mix my own cocktail with this unique blend made up of natural ingredients. Every ounce of Hibiskus adds a tinge of acidic berry flavoured hibiscus with underlying sweet notes of pomegranate, making each sip splendid!  Be your own bartender this weekend with recipes exclusively made for Absolute Hibiskus
The Alcoholic Jingy on behalf of Spinzer 
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