Cheeserland @ Camden Town Part 1

Okayla since this blog is about me and not the Cheeso, I shall start with a little appreciation note to Shaz for his touching post about the Jazz Festival, for which we had our first accidental meeting! I remember also we reviewed Winter Warmers, and ever since I had their special Garlic Chicken, from this post it looks like he’s loving it and have been having it ever since! Damn, it’s things like this that remind me how great Malaysia is, and it makes me wonder if I should really go back…

Anyway, as I promised ๐Ÿ˜‰
This will be the Cheeso‘s story, written in one sentence TAG-LINE!

“Hi, I’m Cheesie, though I’ve just got bunnyfied in Camden!”

“Look, I’m taking a picture with a bunch of crazily dressed weirdos!” – says Cheesie who has probably received more stares that day; at least more than the number of stares received if there should be a naked Hugh Grant in the middle of Picaddily Circus. I said “if”, so wipe that drool off your face!

“Look at the beaauuutiful riverrrr” – says Cheesie, when in fact the object of attraction tends towards the left side of the picture, no?

“Stop the paparazzi.. *blushes*” – says Cheesie, who continues to pose and bond with the cameras much to our amusement

“I dowan Chris’s semi-atas Camera, I wan only super-atas Camera” – says Cheesie as she notices the sheer difference in the sizes of the barrels and lense between mine and Porkie’s and Claudine’s <-- So click to see even more amazing pictures!

Please Cheese Me Part 2

Coming up next: what does a Cheesie do when given a set of colourful drinks?

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While I haven't been around…

I’ve been busy preparing for my graduation! My whole family (1 pair of parents, 3 little sisters *theshockness!*) will be arriving in another hour ๐Ÿ˜€

Coming out of the sunset… The future looks brighter now more than ever!

Cheese who?

Lookie here! Who have I stumbled upon? Coming up in my series: Cheeserland in London!

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Baskin Robbins Cafe @ Midvalley Gardens

Just the other day I went to Midvalley Gardens with William for the opening ceremony… We witnessed Isetan Gardens and Robinson’s classy concept within the Gardens among other shops, and I really found the place to be MUCH more better compared to the Pavilion! I was actually there too but have been too busy to update my post, though others like William and Shaz have already written about it, so I think they both summarized my experience as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyhow, what happened was that we got attracted to Baskin Robbin’s Cafe concept and the good people at BR Cafe entertained us as we took pictures of what they had to offer, which I found pleasantly surprising!!

The view of the cafe, what a pretty concept!

One of the three different styles to have your favourite ice-cream in… Yummy crunch!

A sneak preview of the Strawberry Kisses... You’ll be amazed that this was actually “fried” consisting of yoghurt, strawberry syrup and assorted crunchy fillings that makes it a truly orgasmic crunchy experience! More details over here

Presenting a Cooler species: Motchas Mojito, which is really Green Tea + mint syrup… I have to say its definitely a LOOKER and after trying it, I wasn’t disappointed at all… until the Oasis came along =P

Presenting the Oasis, which is really a wonderful combination of watermelon and rainbow sherbet. Now if this doesn’t kickstart your day, I don’t know what will! Its refreshing goodness is thoroughly invigorating (not to be confused with the effects of tongkat ali!!)

Many thanks to the friendly people at Baskin Robbins for the experience! I hope there’ll be a day where we can all come back again and enjoy ourselves in the first ever Baskin Robbins Cafe @ Midvalley Gardens, which really made it big in Korea before arriving here at Malaysia’s doorstep ๐Ÿ™‚

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