TIME: A Breath Of New Life into Businesses

The challenges of social and digital analytics no longer revolve around a lack of data – quite the opposite is true today. With so many different internet service providers to sift through, how do you identify what’s best for your business and which tools will make that data ultra-usable? Because in the end… it’s all about utilities.

From my experience, as someone who is interested in both the social and digital business (as it relates to SocialGrooves) and how companies relate to the social media, I’ve culled through this topic and highlighted my experience with the use of TIME Business Internet and how it streamlined my company’s performance.

Well, we SocialGroovers, just took one giant step into the future. I had earlier announced that TIME Fibre Business Internet just got set up to SocialGrooves. TIME is the new ‘must-have’ in the current Asian telecommunication sector. Check the scoreboard, numbers don’t lie. It’s almost an unusual feat that TIME delivers such high-end performance.

A technology is invented, it spreads, a thousand flowers bloom, and then someone finds a way to own it. Pretty much what we, at SocialGrooves are looking at. Those in the know make a beeline for the fact that companies running on social and digital grounds need network connections to meet critical needs. You wouldn’t even have to be a good shot to think alike.

In a new office, I brainstormed the need for a much-needed makeover. Nearly everybody that time was on a basic broadband operating at 15Mbit/s on average, but with the growing demand we were approaching with the shoot in the size of files and videos we were streaming, we needed superfast broadband at a minimum of 30 Mbit/s; precisely why we turned to TIME.



Today’s small businesses rely on internet speed more than ever. Ever since we installed TIME, the experience has been, what we’d say in Bahasa Malaysia ‘menarik’. Just recently, TIME made a migration to a new plan. Backed by the highest speed, TIME has become an industry-recognized provider. How fortunate we were to be working with TIME, perfect timing to catch the new plans. Right up, the before/after plan we are currently on:

  • 100MB file? Done and dusted in seconds
  • Uploading a 2GB video to dropbox, no problem-O one minute also can gau tim
  • Business calls on Skype without the lag and frozen screens. Previously unheard of.
  • Having multiple workstations seamlessly connected with no interruptions? A value every business will appreciate.

You know what this meant for us? We could get that cherished streamed video up to our clientele, and it never felt so good. Our large and heavy files are no longer a lag we have to withstand. We can work super effectively. Not to mention, this means we won’t live in a “not-spot” where we are nipped out from the global grand future that will arise from this important caveat.



And yet, while we pay lip service to the idea of businesses putting their clients first, few companies truly put it into practice. TIME, on the other hand, has built their primary focus to accommodate the needs of multiple type end-users. Here’s how:

For companies just getting on their feet, the TIME Fibre Business Internet Basic, is just on time to save you on budget! At the same time, there is TIME Fibre Business Internet Plus for companies that have established a stronghold over the years in business. Learn the fundamentals on www.time.com.my

Well, as soon as I got us signed up for TIME, what hit home was the realization of the goodies we got as extra <3. Thank you TIME. Don’t we love our free voice calls! Your upload and download rates get a surge for you to hop onto, isn’t that just great?

Looking into the digital future, companies need to know it is not just about thinking big, it is about the steps to go from small to big. Businesses now live or die based on their understanding of exponentials. Connectivity takes a big role in a matter such as this. If you don’t want to be the next Kodak or Blockbuster or conversely, if you want to be the next Amazon or Google, you need deep immersion in the wonderful world of TIME’s

Fibre Business Internet. Get the jump on and share the ride. We at SocialGrooves are excited to hear how it turns out for you !


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An Award Above All Others, The Elusive #MerdekaAward

I just wanted to share more about the Merdeka Award, because it truly deserves more awareness than what it has now. Each year it highlights individuals who have done some crazy amazing impact that you and I probably don’t find sexy, but it’s like a game changing moment that improves all our lives as a whole! Just recently, Dr Jemilah Mahmood of Mercy Malaysia is one of this year’s recipients, read here; http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/10/01/jemilah-mahmood-receives-merdeka-award/

I had the opportunity to share at one of the #MerdekaAward Roundtable among friends who are passionate about the youths and the impact it has on our relatively young country recently. I’m sure you know of Dzameer Dzulkifli, Co-founder and Managing Director of Teach for Malaysia; then you have the young Dr Kamalan Jeevaratnam, Recipient of the Merdeka Award Grant for International Attachment 2014; next is the pretty & amazing Suhaili Micheline Ahmad Kamil, Choreographer, Lecturer & Performer; and finally power lady Suzanne Lee, Documentary Photographer. Of course, we were hosted by Cynthia Ng of ASTRO Awani who I’ve met several times already, and still amazed by her intelligence & beauty!

Here’s the video:

You can watch it on the link above, but in summary this is what I have to say about the topic:

“With such rich and diverse cultures in Malaysia, our people can go anywhere, do anything and succeed. There is no reason why we can’t be a global citizen and do more for our nation. Our young people have an important role to play in our nation’s development, hence, they need to take charge of their future. They need to capitalise on the bountiful support available to them and get ahead.”

It is only then that the nation’s young generation will be ready and equipped to assume a bigger role in helping shape Malaysia as a developed nation, in the years ahead.


I’ve got more to say about this, but it’ll have to wait for another blog post. I’m the meantime I’d like to convey my thanks to the founders of the Merdeka Awards, the three supporting pillars Petronas, ExonnMobil & Shell, and to the royal patron Sultan Dr Nazrin Shah of the Merdeka Trust – He’s been super inspiring of the late among all the shit that’s happening, a voice of reason.

Thank you for driving the need for a #betterMalaysia thought this joint effort.


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TIME to get your Internet  speed BOOSTED!

Did my punny title catch your interest? Have I ever said before that TIME has the best internet connection ever?! Haha I must have many times, but never got to try it since they didn’t cover my old office. But hey… My new office has it, woot!


It’s TIME to SPEED UP Woohoo!

And guess what, as soon as we signed up for TIME, they decided to revise their plan to give even HIGHER speed and connectivity at an even lower cost. Talk about a stroke of good luck lol. So without even thinking I dumped the rest and got ourselves subscribed to TIME Fibre Business Internet, and see how it compares with the others I’ve tried including Maxis & TM Unifi which I use both back at home and at the old office.

Their plans are even quite flexible with two kinds of packages to suit your business needs.

I would recommend the TIME Fibre Business Internet Basic for businesses in the start up life like my office who need a reliable speedy internet provider to get the basics and a little bit more done!

Check out the difference in the before and after plans!



SPEED 6Mbps 12Mbps 24Mbps 36Mbps
PRICE RM168 RM268 RM368 RM468
BOOST 20Mbps 30Mbps 50Mbps 50Mbps
BOOST HOUR 15 hours monthly
FREE VOICE LINE 2 lines with 2 single-line phones
FREE CALLS 5,000 minutes
FREE HOSTING EBiz Power Plan for 5 users (powered by Exabytes Network)


SPEED 10Mbps 20Mbps 30Mbps 40Mbps
PRICE RM168 RM268 RM368 RM468
BOOST 20Mbps 30Mbps 50Mbps 50Mbps
BOOST HOUR 15 hours monthly
FREE VOICE LINE 2 lines with 2 single-line phones
FREE CALLS 5,000 minutes
FREE HOSTING EBiz Power Plan for 5 users (powered by Exabytes Network)



Now my friends who are running larger entities, how bout trying the TIME Fibre Business Internet Plus package which packs a lot of extra OOOMPH!


SPEED 6Mbps 12Mbps 24Mbps 36Mbps
PRICE RM688 RM1,288 RM1,788 RM2,288
BOOST 20Mbps 30Mbps 50Mbps 50Mbps
BOOST HOUR 30 hours monthly
FREE VOICE LINE 4 lines with 4 single-line phones
FREE CALLS 10,000 minutes
FREE HOSTING EBiz Power Plan for 10 users (powered by Exabytes Network)


SPEED 15Mbps 25Mbps 35Mbps 45Mbps
PRICE RM588 RM988 RM1,288 RM1,488
BOOST 20Mbps 30Mbps 50Mbps 50Mbps
BOOST HOUR 30 hours monthly
FREE VOICE LINE 4 lines with 4 single-line phones
FREE CALLS 10,000 minutes
FREE HOSTING EBiz Power Plan for 10 users (powered by Exabytes Network)


The increased speeds, lowered costs and additional business tools means businesses can even be more effective and save more costs! This also suggests that TIME has every intention in mind to put their customers first!



Well one thing for sure, although it’s only been 3 months since I’ve enjoyed TIME, I’ve seen a reduction in the times I had to restart the modem. Yes although there’s still some hiccups but usually it happens at peak hours and a simple restart would work, unlike the countless days I had no Internet when I was at the old office… My colleagues can attest to it haha. So far so good in the sense we didn’t need to call them up to do anything 🙂


Yeah…that’s our type of connection – through the internet 😛 ​



When it first started we were like WHOA!! Speed ten times more than what we had was unheard of, and our speedtest (of course we used a non biased tool, not TIME’s own one) went through the roof but on downloads and uploads! In fact now they’ve raised the speed to 70% times more – it makes us at Socialgrooves the happiest people alive, even without making use of our boosted time 😀 Do you know what’s that? I’ll share it in my next point…



One of my favorite feature none others can compare to is the BOOST feature! I mean, suddenly we’re able to download a 100MB file (trust me in our digital industry, this is pretty common lol) in a matter of seconds! Streaming YouTube videos we produced for clients, sending proposals over 50MBs wasn’t an issue for us anymore, only on our clients or partners side haha. Yes, we’re pretty proud of our boost function and our friends come to visit us for this too 😛


So yeah these are the top three areas in which I feel TIME has trumped their competitors. It makes it easier for us to work with online tools more than ever before, working with websites (oh did I share that TIME’s subscription comes with bonus business tools from Exabyte and free calls as well? You can check them out at their website www.time.com.my) and basically producing quality content with the peace of mind that comes with uninterrupted connection and speed 🙂


So what are you waiting for? Ok on a serious note just let me know, cos as far as I know even the installation was super efficient with the guys coming over to make sure our line is great, installing without disturbing us and making sure all is good. If I’m not wrong they even gave us extra lines in case we want to extend. Pretty cool guys? Gotta commend them 🙂 Let me know if your experience was otherwise, interested to know!


 TIME.net.my - bringing Malaysia up to speed


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#GoingGlobal2015: Can you teach social enterprise in existing education systems?


So here I am, preparing myself for my first ever talk at the United Kingdom after having graduated from Imperial College London just about 10 years ago. returning to home soil in Malaysia to build my career & contribute to solve some of her problems. It still feels surreal, but one does not simply miss out on an opportunity to be on a panel with amazing youths all over the world to debate whether social entrepreneurship could be taught at the @HEGoingGlobal!

It’s been a fantastic journey throughout, even a surprise to myself, that I would be here doing what I do. Basically, my current portfolio are the following: I’m a social entrepreneur at EYE Project, a digital marketer at SocialGrooves.com, the digital manager to Dato’ Lee Chong Wei, a founding Global Shaper at the Global Shapers Community Kuala Lumpur Hub but most importantly, a Malaysian building his own version of a #betterMalaysia. And I remember all I ever wanted to do was make a difference to people’s lives.

And now, to be part of a global event organized by the British Council, is one way I can thank everyone who ever supported me to be where I am today. Thank you, my family, friends, partners, associates, social media followers and all. You guys made me happen :’)

Teaching Social Enterprise? Young Social Entrepreneurs Debate

So yeah, this Going Global Panel Session will be happening on the 1st June at Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, in less than 2 weeks! Here’s where I need your help: what do YOU think about this topic? Can we create social entrepreneurs, or is it something we have to personally experience first in order to “make the leap” headstrong into social entrepreneurship?

In other words, even if there were such thing as a course on social entrepreneurship, how should it be done? Do share your answers, as it will be a good piece of material for discussion during the event.

Now here’s more about the panel: it will be taking place at the Going Global, a forum for education world leaders to debate international higher and further education issues and challenges, and to discuss collaborative solutions.  The key theme for the event is “Connecting Cultures, Forging Futures”, the idea that the fusion of diverse cultures generates a creative force, which is a major catalyst of leading edge innovation. Investment in the connection of these cultures produces a tangible return and measurable impact for the future.



The session will be chaired by Vonnie Sandlen, Women’s Officer and President Elect for 2015/16 of NUS Scotland

Follow her at @NUS_Vonnie, and her organisation at @nusScotland


reginaRegina Agyare, Chief Executive Officer, Soronko Solutions, Ghana
Follow her at @ragyare, and her organisation at @SoronkoF

Regina is a software developer and social entrepreneur with a passion for using technology to bring social change. Regina is an Ashoka Fellow, an Aspen Institute of New Voices Fellow, a GOOD fellow, a Global Shaper of the Accra hub of the World Economic Forum, Vital Voices Fellow, finalist for the African Digital Woman of the Year and a Change Leader with Tigo Reach For Change. Ashesi is a private, non-profit liberal arts university located in Ghana, with a msion to educate a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa; to cultivate among its students critical thinking skills, concern for others and the courage to transform a continent. Her university education included economics, leadership, and entrepreneurship. She started working in the corporate sector. While she was initially unaware of social entrepreneurship, she was interested in solving social problems. She approached her lecturers, and was encouraged to apply her learnings to tackle social problems, and link up with alumni. Her university education helped her as a social entrepreneur with problem solving, business and computer science skills, access to advice and encouragement, and linking her into a network. She also learnt the need for a sustainable business, not reliant on funds. She reflects that had the focus of her education been social entrepreneurship, she would perhaps have started her social enterprise sooner.

AyuAyu Chuepa, Founder, Akha Ama Coffee, Thailand
Follow the organisation at @Akhaamacoffee

Ayu (Lee) was born and grew up in a remote village. Encouraged by his parents, he was the first from his village to study at university. He wanted to provide opportunities to others. He reflects that traditionally education in Thailand teaches students to compete for jobs in industry, government or hospitality, be motivated by money, and move to the city, rather than encouraging them to return and contribute to communities they may come from. Ayu’s education has played an important role for him in overcome barriers that he may otherwise have faced. His university education gave him credibility and enabled communication across linguistic, educational, professional and geographical boundaries, important for sharing experiences of coffee farmers and promoting his social enterprise. Ayu sees higher education as providing relevant skills and knowledge applicable to needs assessments, understanding problems faced by the community, and developing a business plan. However, he asks, how can knowledge from university be brought back and applied to the community, e.g. to solve social problems. How can students be enabled to choose options that involve helping communities, rather than just focusing on making money or studying for itself?

chrisChristopher Tock, Co-founder and Executive Director, Empowering Youth Endeavours, Malaysia
Follow him at @spinzer, and his organisation at @eyeprojectMY

Christopher is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment. He is a Global Shaper of the Kuala Lumpar hub of the World Economic Forum. He sees life experience, rather than university education, as important in the journey of a social entrepreneur. While he advocates that social entrepreneurship cannot be taught, he sees exposure to social enterprise as necessary in order for those who take up social enterprise to get the support they need, especially from peers. He sees four main factors as influencing a young person’s decision to approach social entrepreneurship as a career decision: 1) how supportive universities are to the idea of SE, 2) the level of activity from student-based NGOs such as ENACTUS, 3) access (or distraction) to too many opportunities and 4) most importantly their respective family background. From his own experience of higher education, rather than the specific education he received, he found that being away from his own environment, being involved with student organisations, and being encouraged and supported by peers, educators, and family, assisted him on his journey as a social entrepreneur.

joshuaJoshua Bicknell, Co-founder of Balloon Ventures, UK
Follow him at @rightkurfuffle, and his organisation at @balloonkenya

Joshua found that there was no clear route into social entrepreneurship. While Joshua did not study entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship, his university studies in History and Politics equipped him with skills in writing, developing a coherent argument, telling a good story, researching and public speaking that he uses daily as a social entrepreneur. He “stumbled” into running a social enterprise, although his idea from research he did for his Masters dissertation. He did not initially know what social enterprise was, and would have liked more exposure to social enterprise and business, with it being presented as a viable career path. He sees a big responsibility/opportunity for universities to open the minds of young people and show them all the possibilities in the world. He reflects that in today’s climate, where there is competition and uncertainty, entrepreneurship skills – social or otherwise – are essential, and should be included in university education.

Join the conversation by clickong on #GoingGlobal2015 #socent or follow these accounts, including my own for live updates! @SocEntGlobal @HEGoingGlobal


GSEProgramme1 GSEProgramme2

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