I’ve been an Iron Man before, during one of my OBS Hiking sessions. I’ve been dubbed a Stallion before, for reasons that I will not reveal here :P I’ve always been associated with a Rat for being able to eat everything under the sun. God knows I’ve been called a Pig countless of times by her.

thank you maxis!

But never have I been called the King of the Jungle, and in a freaking COW SUIT too, no less! Never, at least until last Saturday at Nuffnang’s Wild ‘Live’ Blogging Party. Notice that the event name itself is a pun. Wait, then again the title to this post is an even greater pun! Sigh why am I so punny. Ok la Nuffnang also very punny lol.


why hello my dearest pussy cat, the cow is your King ;)

So what’s the benefit of being the King of the Jungle, other than having a lioness as my Queen that seems to be “hungry” for me (in more ways than one from the looks of it)?  Well, whatever it is, it’s definitely worth at least RM4-5k! I kid you not, but there would be more on that later ;)


ooh behaaaaave!

On second thought, is the King of Jungle allowed to have a few lionesses as his queens? Cause if it is, I’d like to introduce to you my second Queen to you, Cheesie the Lioness. What’s with me and lionesses anyway?! I’m supposed to be a part of our Cow & Chicken team! If only my Chicken was a girl eh? :P

spinzer: coooooow?       JB: chiiiiickeeeeeeen?!?!?!!?


Oh and look who I met in the party?

Winnie the Pooh’s head got dislocated lol

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cheesie, josh the man and me

I know there are a lot of people to say thanks to, so if you could leave a comment saying you voted for me I’ll try and see what I can do for you. But for now I’m definitely grateful to Joshua Ong for the mass votes he collected from his friends for me!


waaah too many to name, but tiam, i help you win this prize on ur behalf la since u can’t win it eh? lolol

and of course, all of these wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for everyone in the team from Nuffnang, and exclusively of course, Robb the Porcupine!! I love you Robb! :D

*all photos are credited to ShaolinPhoto.com and Nigel Sia unless stated otherwise

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