Holy Cow, I'm the King of the Jungle!

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Jingy Veronique

She is @Spinzer's better half, as well as the Chief Entertainment Officer at @Socialgrooves.com. A budding entrepreneur, she was previously an ABA Therapist and had a degree in Education from the University of Birmingham. In her past life, she was a Mermaid. She's trying hard to recycle and conserve resources which she believes it's contaminating her next life's home - The Ocean! Connect with her via @Jingy_Ron.

Wanna say something?

But I forgot to tell you this, I should add on now, that dont support privacy because Moo is a name I gave for my friend and only him, nobody else ok, and plus, you are an ultimate female pig ok, dont forget ya ULTIMATE FEMALE PIG. You are a female, you told me the other day!! Dont deny in front of everyone now alright, or else they are so not gonna believe you anymore

waaaah so many comments. šŸ˜›

Oli: nobody la. I’m not a pretty female, and i no longer have my udders to attract people hehe. nvm i’ve got you enough šŸ˜‰

yen: no probbie!

Queer Ranter: thank you! you were hot as well šŸ˜‰

Jolyn the Lioness: HAHHAAH i had to laugh so much when I read your comment! no la i did call u a lioness ma šŸ˜› just trying to play play brave scared u eat me up šŸ˜›

michy: yes la i know laaaaa

Laura: thank you! yes u may pull my cute cow ears, but since they’re no longer there u can pull anything else u want la šŸ˜›

I wasn’t at the party to join in all the fun, but i sure wish i was there! Great blog you have here. =) Btw, congratz on winning the grand prize! ^^ Oh, and you know what? I actually like your cute cow ears better than the udders! O_o Can i pull them? >.<

johnny ong: thank you o leader of the clan! the cow reigns indeed, let’s shout our warcry!


Ren: thanks Ren!

Ohkulala: join the Moo clan and you’ll get one glass of fresh milk FREE everyday!

Quite dodgy la that free gift HAHA why am i laughing at my own bad joke wtf

christmas: i MAKE the cream wahaha šŸ˜‰ yes u want moosic i just GAVE u moosic lolol

hui wen: HARO! why u traumatized! i’m a harmless cow with many titties tee hee… wah but damn funny la ur reaction when it’s no longer there haha!!

The Faux Fashionista: yea la why didn’t you come! you’d go against pinkpau, suetli and our lionesses tho hehe… thanks, brave meh? I just tot it was kinkeh šŸ˜‰

KY: who ask you never come!

joshuaongys: ya me too! thanks to Nigel šŸ˜€

Rachel: I remember laaa! thank you! haha

ST: shall I cut it to pieces then?!

Ping Ping: wahrao jump on the boat isit! thanks, i’m proud of it too šŸ˜‰

steph k: thank yee miss butterfly!

B.H.: omg nice one HAHAHA! Man that was really funny lol. I’ve only got one “udder leg” now šŸ˜›

Simon Seow: two votes nothing compared to what Josh and Ringo got for me wahaha!