So @meiyingt and I decided that we shall do this one proper – and as they always say, the third’s time a charm! (at least compared to our first, ah, the humble beginnings)

That’s why we’re gonna have it at Ritz Carlton! Woohoo! (no more getting lost in some foreign place like the last one, video taken by @euveng :P)

#lousangtwtup @ Ritz

Check out the details here:

So what is #lousangtwtup all about? Well, Twitter has been instrumental in many of us getting to know like-minded individuals who then become our great friends, at least to me lah. One day we thought, hey, #twtups are a cool way to get to know one another, let’s organize events out of pure fun! The results? Our 1st #twtclub event :D

And of course, the 1st #lousangtwtup as well, where even the rap meister @altimet came for! See pics below:
From left bottom-up-bottom right: @dustyhawk @kruel74 @loveykatz @ling_chan @arystle @wackybecky @joanne_kay @aprilyim @demonick @altimet

From left bottom-up-bottom right: @andygts @sarah_kow @redsheep @spinzer @joanne_kay @melvincwh @chowpong

From left bottom-up-bottom right: @serpentingal @royalshortness

Have reminded . Of thick better only and dry, Sterile: again ended tone.

@yapthomas @auzani @reubenhot @sg_kl @diese @icednyior @azri83

Anyway I digress: the fact is, you can meet amazing people that you’d never have met and that’s why you should come! Also, the price per pax is only RM45 for such a high-class place, that makes it even more awesome ;)

At the moment, we already have 25 RSVPs and we are expecting more than 40 people to show up. Those who would like to secure a seat at RM45, you’ll need to bank in the money to either @meiyingt or myself and after the 40 seats have been filled, others will have to pay RM50++ per person.

So BE A MAN, DO THE RIGHT THING and head over to the twtvite page and get in touch with us through Twitter/Facebook/Email/Phone to pass us to money to confirm your seat ;)

PS- there WILL be girls, hoo haa!


@MeiYingt and I are feeling rather generous so we’ll each be giving out one free seat – just tell me why you’d like to join us for #lousangtwtup this year in the comment box, and the most creative answer as judged by me will win a seat! (Shameless copy from Mei Ying’s post, so if you want to double up your chances, head over there now!

This contest will end 19 Jan, 12am. Good luck!

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