27th Samsung GDA Yes, you read that right! Malaysia’s biggest K-POP event, Samsung Galaxy 27th Golden Disk Awards (or better known as the Korean equivalent of the Grammy’s, serious!) will be happening this coming 15th and 16th January 2013 at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit after a crazy 26th in Osaka, Japan last year at the Kyocera Dome!

In case you didn’t know, #GDA is the most prestigious Korean Pop Awards in South Korea founded in 1986 that is presented annually by the Music Industry Association of Korea for outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea. Yeah, similar to our 8TV SHOUT Awards that happened recently, but with Korean artists and held OUTSIDE of Korea. What a way to globalize their music, huh?


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In any case, the voting is actually happening right this instant and you could decide which of your favourite K-Pop star will come to Malaysia for the Awards. Faster go vote for your favourite artist together with other Malaysians in this link right here while others from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China & Japan are also casting their votes :D (thanks to MSN in ASEAN – clever way to distribute their voting mechanics)

SISTAR (2)But rumours are that there will already be an exciting line up of artistes who will be the emcees for Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards, and they are… *drumrollJung, Yong Hwa of CN BLUELee, Hong-Gi of FT IslandKim Da Som from SISTAR and Nicole  from KARA. Now that’s what I call a crazy (and gorgeous) list of emcees! ^_____________^

See, the point is that the Golden Disk Awards will be the biggest K-POP event to be held in Malaysia, as more than 20 groups of world-famous K-POP artistes will be performing on stage for fans in Malaysia aside from the awards ceremony!FTIsland (2)

You might even catch HyunA (yes that same girl from @Psy_oppa’s billion-viewed Oppa Gangnam Style)  of 4Minute performing ‘Troublemaker’ with Jang Hyun-Seung from BEAST – won’t that be a sight to behold :D

Okay okay so now that I REALLY have your attention again, here’s how it works: – you (and everyone else in Asia too) will begin to vote on http://entertainment.malaysia.msn.com/27th-golden-disk-awards/online-voting.aspx for your favorite amongst the artistes as below:


and one of them will be winning the award categories as per below:-

SECRET (3)Disk Album:
Grand Prize in Disk Album
Disk Album of the Year

Grand Prize in Song of the Year
Song of the Year

012.01.11. ¿À»çÄ«(ÀϺ»)=Ưº°ÃëÀçÆÀÁ?26È? '°ñµçµð?ºÅ© ÀÎ ¿À»çÄ«(JTBC, ÀÏ°£?ºÆ÷Ã÷ °øµ¿ÁÖÃÖ) À?¹Ý ºÎ¹® ?ûó?ÄÀÌ 11ÀÏ ±³??¶ó µ?¿¡?­ ¿­·È?Ù. ??ÆÛÁÖ?Ï?î ?â¹öµéÀÌ ?ûó?Ä¿¡ ?Õ?­ ÀÖÀº ·¹µåÄ«Æê Çà»ç¿¡?­ ÆÒµé°ú ÃëÀçÁø¿¡°Ô ÀλçÇÏ°í ÀÖ?Ù.Popularity Award:
The Most Popular K-POP Star
MSN Southeast Asia Award
MSN International Award

Special Field:
New Rising K-POP Star Award
Best Hip Hop Award
Single Album of the Year


After that, you will then go to www.ticketpro.com.my and purchase your tickets, priced at RM688 and RM999 (that’s a small price to pay to see 20 K-Pop artistes here in Malaysia!!) in order to see your favourite group receiving the Awards!!Should the website be down, you can try e-mailing info@ticketpro.com.my or call TicketPro at 603 – 7880 7999 instead. No excuses NOT to be part of Malaysia’s largest K-Pop event! :D

(yeah you don’t want to miss this being performed live in Malaysia!)

That’s as much excitement I can share about now. Follow my blog to get more juicy details about who’s coming and even maybe to win tickets to attend this prestigious event (no promises though!) The fact is I really can’t wait to see all these gorgeous guys and girls in the K-Pop scene come to Malaysia and inspire those of us here to be who we want to be, without fear of being judged.

My really great friend and mentor, @BakiZainal, is one of K-Pop’s most favourite host whenever they are down here in Malaysia, and he sometimes share me inspiring stories that they shared with him – stuff that they do to become who they are, the hard work and effort put into their body and voice, things they have to go through in order to survive the harsh world of entertainment yet at the same time, maintaining the crazy amount of effort needed to please their fans, of whom they cherish so much!

I want to experience what Baki did, and that’s why I’m so proud that Malaysia will be hosting the 27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Awards this year, and I certainly won’t miss this opportunity of being one of the exclusive bloggers for #GDA which will provide me a media pass to access to the media zone, red carpet area, media room and also the interview room – what an experience of a lifetime being able to meet these global icons face to face and to be inspired by them!!!!!!

So yeah! Come join me in my journey and you could be winning favours from me hehe. You can begin by sharing with me who did you think won last year’s 26th Golden Disk Awards’ Disk Album of the Year – give it a try guys!

For more information on the Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur, please visit www.goldendiskawards.asia  or http://www.facebook.com/GDA2013. Remember to tweet me at @spinzer and hashtag #GDA so we’ll be able to keep in touch until the Awards night itself! Toodles til then :D

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